Hello campers!

I remember a camping trip I took at Sequoia National Park in the late 80s. I took a one burner camp stove and a 50 quart Coleman cooler. I packed the usual beans, hotdogs, pop. How original huh? I ate ok, but it was dull.

There are better ways to cook outdoors, from Boy Scout hobo packets and bannock to all out gourmet. There’s also a lot more ways to cook, more shelf stable ingredients, more options for cooking appliances, and better ways to store cold foods.

Here’s a look at some of my past camping food.

A winter camp kitchen
A winter camp kitchen
Snoqualmie Pass
Chocolate pudding tarts, cooled in snow
Smap fried rice
Spam fried rice
Campfire beef fajitas
Campfire beef fajitas

Serve enough beans and franks, and you’ll lose your outdoor dinner guests. Serve, well-thought out, well-planned meals and you’ll always have a crowd at your picnic table.

The Queets rainforest, Olympic Peninsula
Too much beans?   The Queets rainforest, Olympic Peninsula



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