Gear Review: Light My Fire Meal Kit 2.0

light my fire meal kit 2.0

This has got to be one of my favorite pieces of gear, the Light My Fire Meal Kit. It’s very versatile and everything nests inside.

The kit comes with the following:


Plate that is also the kit’s lid

Cutting board/strainer/chopper

small triangular container

long oval container


The kit also comes with a holder that wraps around the triangle to hold everything together, and a collapsable cup (with was pretty useless, so I threw it away.)

I like it because I can use the main bowl as a plate, but if there’s flies buzzing around, I can cover it with the lid. I can put salad dressing, nuts, or chocolate in the containers. When I’m going on a picnic, I can throw the kit into my cooler. They can also fit in bike panniers. Or, if you’re renting a cabin and the facilities look iffy, whip out your meal kit, everything you need is there. It’s not something I would want to carry on the PCT or AT, but after all, that’s what titanium is for.

Overall, a great meal kit to take along camping, biking touring, or traveling.

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