Camping and Meal Planning


It’s mid-February and the long months of winter have past since I last updated this blog. The weather department promised a hard winter with below normal temperatures and above average rain, and this time, they sure delivered.

Western Washington is still struggling out of winter’s shackles, and that means cabin fever is reaching a peak for most outdoor types. So what do you do when winter doesn’t want to seem to let go and cabin fever is driving you batty?


Late winter is a good time to start planning trips and getting an idea for some good camping meals. About now, a lot of backpackers are working their dehydrators in preparation for summer trips.

I know personally, when I plan a camping trip, I spend way too much money, buy way too much food, and throw way too much away when I get home. I also buy too much firewood. A campfire is nice, but does it need to be so big it can be seen from space?

So, I do need to plan my meals better. Here’s some tips I thought up.

  1. Plan real meals. Not just walking into the grocery store and grabbing hot dogs and canned beans, but plan meals as if you were at eating at home. The good part about car camping is that you can pre-cut and marinate things before the trip. For RVers, they have it even better. A full kitchen on the go.
  2. Be mindful of buying junk. Sure snacks are nice, but way too often its walking down the aisles and buying chips, donuts, Ho-Ho’s, way too much sugar. You don’t have to be a Food Network gourmet in the outdoors, but eat sensible, well thought-out meals. Especially if you’re going rafting, or hiking, a load of sugar isn’t going to give you energy for strenuous activity.
  3. Buy just what you need. Think of serving sizes and how big appetites are to minimize wasting food. But do bring enough to keep everyone fed.

With a thought to some basic meal planning, you can have simple, nutritious meals that “taste better outdoors.

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